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Ski for Sadie Charity Ski 2022 is being prepared for the coming season and taking place on two dates, 23rd-30th January and 20th-27th March. All events can be done individually or as a group.

So what are you waiting for, don’t be afraid to be great and Ski for Sadie!

Registering for Ski for Sadie Charity Ski is simple, register early and make the most of our Early Bird Offer of just £149 per person – price held until the end of September! Your entry ticket will include:

  • Entry to Ski for Sadie Charity Ski
  • Exclusive Access to Ski for Sadie App
  • On resort hosts available
  • Pre Departure Event Park
  • Fundraising Resource Pack
  • Welcome evening with the hosts
  • An array of event prizes and giveaways

We look forward to welcoming you on Ski for Sadie 2022!

Sadie Bristow Foundation 2021/22 calendar

Looking for something a little different? To find out more about these events and to register visit Affordable Skiing.

Jan – Belalp Hexen race (Super Drei)

Jan – Murren Inferno race (Super Drei)

23-30 Jan – Ski for Sadie

31 Jan – 07 Feb – Ski France

08 -15 Feb – Ski Austria

12-19 March – Ski Europe

March – Saas Fee Allalin race (Super Drei)

20-27 March Ski for Sadie

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Two Ski Areas

Ski for Sadie Charity Ski takes place on 23rd-30th January and 20th-27th March 2022 across two of the biggest ski areas in the Alps – The Three Valleys and Paradiski. Guests will spend 3 days in Val Thorens and 3 days based in Les Arcs.

With the help of the exclusive Ski for Sadie App, they’ll be tasked with reaching as many checkpoints as they can with prizes on offer for a range of challenges!

Accommodation & Travel

Once you have completed your registration process, you’re ready to book your accommodation and travel! Our partners will tailor-make your travel and accommodation arrangements for individuals and groups, but you can also make your own arrangements if you prefer.

Please note: Accommodation and travel arrangements are not included in the entry ticket and will need to be paid for separately.

Sadie, The Ultimate Athlete

The Sadie Bristow Foundation was created in memory of Sadie, aiming to continue her legacy by inspiring more children like her, to take up sports. Allergies are increasing, we also aim to fund more nurses and specialists, raise funds to support those with allergies and create a more educated environment.

Sadie loved to ski so we’ve created the ultimate skiing challenge in her name. With each competitor raising money for the Foundation and with the backing of some great sponsors, we are making Ski for Sadie Charity Ski an annual event which will grow each year.

You can read more about the Foundation at


Ski for Sadie 2020

The first Ski for Sadie Charity Ski took place in Les Arcs and 3 Valleys with participants spending 3 days in each. They took part in a variety of challenges across both areas, with The Ultimate Challenge reaching all 100 checkpoints in both areas – which was achieved by one team!

Participants planned their route nightly and strategically to achieve an amazing feat, as well as skiing all that mileage in 6 days. Another challenge was hitting as many checkpoints in any given day, with the record being 49 on the last day in Paradiski by one participant – outstanding!