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Our plan for the 2021 ski season.

Ski for Sadie is a unique event, along with its accompanying App. For 2020/21 the event has been adapted to become an event for all, with participants choosing a level of challenge coded to match run colours. Two dates are available which include all arrangements needed as an event participation package.

Dates are now confirmed and we will post a more detailed breakdown soon! We have limited spaces for the 16th January and 20th January events so please contact us for more information.

Below is an action plan, if you would like to get involved and sponsor the 2021 event then please get in touch with us.

2021 Dates
4 events
* maybe implement 2021/22 season

16 Jan – Belalp Hexen race (Super Drei)
20 Jan – Murren Inferno race (Super Drei)
23-30 Jan – Ski for Sadie
31-7 – Ski France (maybe 2021)*

19-20 Mar – Saas Fee Allalin race
20-27 Mar – Ski for Sadie
12-19 Mar – Ski Europe (maybe 2021)*

You can also download our 2021 event PDF and 2020 post-event report below:

Exciting plans for 2021!


16th April 2020