What a final day!

We could not have asked for much more on this final day of the first Ski for Sadie event.

Daily Dash
Over in Les Arcs, Ed set off with Stewart and Stephen to try and achieve the impossible… all 50 checkpoints in one day. With Stewart leading the navigation they came very, very close… 49 points hit. Only just unable to get down to Villaroger for the final one. A phenomenal effort though!

Checkpoint Checkout
The ultimate aim of the challenge is to hit all 100 checkpoints during the week. Only one team could still do this on the final day and sure enough, 3 Beauties and a Beast carefully plotted their way through their last 15 points. With Simon and Leah in tow to join the celebrations as they reached the 100 down in St Martin de Belleville. An astonishing feat and we are so proud of this team’s dedication to the course.


25th January 2020